A map of NYC eateries that promote a more equitable New York City through diverse ownership.

See below for tips on how to use this map & FAQs.

+ How do you define "Diverse Ownership"?

All of the businesses featured on this map are owned or co-owned by a Person of Color and/or a woman, or has stated publically it's an LGBTQ+ owned business.

We have identified these businesses through the business's website, restaurant reviews from reputable sources (i.e. not a crowd-sourced review site), or checking out the business in person and talking to the staff.

+ What do the icons mean?

The icon symbol represents the type of cuisine and/or most well-known offering that business provides.

Note: due to Google Maps constraints, some icon symbols encompass large swaths of cuisine types. To find the specific type of cuisine offered at a business, please refer to the business details by clicking on that icon.

+ How do I use this map?

The purpose of this map is to make it easier to identify and support NYC businesses that promote diversity and make our city a more equitable place.

You can explore this map and its contents on this page, within the Google Maps browser experience, or in the Google Maps app.

While you can view all businesses and their business details within the embedded map on this page, there are some advantages to viewing and accessing this map within Google Maps, including saving this map for future use, and native Google Maps navigation to or from these businesses.

+ How do I save this map to my Google Maps for constant access?

  • Click on the "View Larger Map" icon in the top righthand side of the embedded map on this page to open in Google Maps.
  • Save this map by clicking the Star in the top lefthand corner of the Map details
  • You can now find and access this map anytime you access Google Maps.

    • Google Maps on computer: Click Menu > Your places > Maps
    • Google Maps Mobile App: Click Menu icon (on search bar) > Your places > Maps

+ Can I filter my results?

Sure can!

If you're viewing on your computer, select or deselect whole categories via the Map Legend to include or exclude certain pricepoints, or cuisine types.

If you're using the Google Maps mobile app, you can access the Map Legend by clicking into a business listing and clicking "View Map Legend."